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Eva Carboni

Born in Sassari on the island of Sardinia, Eva Carboni is a gifted singer and songwriter working in the blues, rock, and jazz genres. She studied at the prestigious Vocal Power Academy in Los Angeles under the direction of renowned vocal coach Elisabeth Howard. In 2019, Eva recorded and released her debut solo album ‘Italia Square', on the Mad Ears Productions label. The album received rave reviews and worldwide radio airplay, with one of the more popular songs, ‘Love Me Tonight’, hitting a million views on YouTube. This was followed by a second album, ‘Smoke and Mirrors’, along with numerous singles and a 6-track EP titled, ‘In the Name of the Blues’. Eva is currently back in the studio working on her hotly anticipated third album, ‘Blues Siren’, which is due for release in the summer of 2024. Once again long-term producer and co-writer Andy Littlewood carries out production duties. Watch this space for details!

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Member of PPL, MCPS, PRS, G.I.S.C


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