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‘Tales of Right and Wrong’ is a collection of 16 tracks selected from the Mad Ears Productions record label catalogue recorded over the past 10 years. The album features a variety of lesser known tracks and previously unreleased mixes alongside some of the more popular releases. Featured artists include Eva Carboni, Dave Hunt, Mick Simpson, Last Chance Saloon, B’ee, Mockingbird Hill, Malaya, Michael John McElligott, AL Music, Liz Sykes, Indie-Go Blue, Blues Shack, and Bea Aria, covering styles from the blues, rock, adult contemporary, and country genres.


"Please Note: You are purchasing the digital download version of this album in 320kbps mp3 format"


1/ Last Chance Saloon – Delta Sky
2/ Dave Hunt – Broken Promises (Redemption Mix)
3/ Mick Simpson – Black Rain
4/ AL Music feat. Liz Sykes – Tales from the Unexpected 5/ Eva Carboni – Dark Clouds (Radio Edit)
6/ Michael John McElligott - Red Phone Box
7/ Mockingbird Hill feat. Malaya – Lady Sings the Blues 8/ Indie-Go Blue – History
9/ B’ee – Shut the World Away
10/ Blues Shack – 100 Horses
11/ Last Chance Saloon – It Doesn’t Come Easy
12/ Al Music feat. Bea Aria – Will It Be Alright
13/ Eva Carboni – Smoke and Mirrors (Café Bleu Mix) 14/ Mick Simpson – 50 Miles from Memphis
15/ Indie-Go Blue – Losing Streak (Radio Mix)
16/ B’ee – Drowning in My Tears

Various Artists - Tales of Right and Wrong (mp3 Album)

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