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Malaya is back with her stunning new solo album, ‘Bourbon Street’, a soulful mix of blues, jazz, and retro style pop. Tracks include the sultry jazzy blues opener, ‘Bourbon Street’, the 'Phil Spector' inspired, ‘Bitter Moon’, the gospel-tinged ‘Cold Light of Day’, and the soft acoustic ballad, ‘Promised Land’. There’s also a new stripped back version of ‘Lady Sings the Blues’, and an extended album mix of ‘Forgiveness’, featuring the talents of Mick Simpson on lead guitar. The Bourbon Street album see’s Malaya team up once again with producer Andy Littlewood (Mockingbird Hill), and features some top guest musician’s including Giovanni Bruno, Dave Hunt, and the MEP Collective.

1/ Bourbon Street. 2/ Forgiveness (Album Mix). 3/ Bitter Moon. 4/ Lost Girl. 5/ Lady Sings the Blues (Night Owl Mix). 6/ Ivory Tower. 7/ Bluesville U.K. 8/ Dawn. 9/ Guilty. 10/ I've Cried a Little. 11/ Cold Hearted Man. 12/ How Did You Do This. 13/ Cold Light of Day. 14. Promised Land.

Malaya Blue - Bourbon Street (CD Album)

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