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Mick Simpson - Unfinished Business (CD)


Mick Simpson returns with his exciting new album, ‘Unfinished Business’, 14 tracks of soaring blues guitar, driving rock anthems and melodic country blues. The album features a diverse range of blues and rock styles Influenced by the likes of Gary Moore, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton, Robert Johnson, B.B. King and Mark Knopfler.

1/ Trouble Brewing. 2/ Stepping Out. 3/ Unfinished Business. 4/ Playing the Losing Hand. 5/ The Light in Me. 6/ Shelter from the Storm. 7/ 50 Miles from Memphis. 8/ You Gotta Change. 9/ For the Love of You. 10/ Left Me With the Blues. 11/ Chicago Blues. 12/ Traveling Man. 13/ Lonely Avenue. 14/ Drowning in my Tears.