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Mad Ears Productions is a UK based independent record label and music production company working primarily in the blues, rock, indie, and singer-songwriter genres.


The MEP record label was set up in 2010 and has a growing roster of original talent, each bringing something different to the table. Artists working with the label include Mockiingbird Hill, Dave Hunt, Mick Simpson, Malaya Blue, Last Chance Saloon, Indie-Go Blue, Eva Carboni, Michael John McElligott, and Giovanni Bruno.


We have over 30 years music industry experience covering music production, songwriting, and session vocal work. We also produce music for  film, TV and media. Credits include 'The Number One Girl' ( 2005 film),  'Medium' (TV series), 'DDR Hottest Party' (Nintendo Wii), 'NCIS New Orleans' (TV series), ''Rock Revolution' (Kinect), 'Southern Fury' (2017 film), 'Nespresso Cubania' (TV commercial).


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